American Fighter Pilot Reveals What Actually Happened With India In The 1971 War

Charles Elwood Yeager or Chuck Yeager a retired brigadier general in the United States Air Force and record-setting test pilot who became the first pilot to exceed the speed of sound in a flight explains what happened with Indian air force in 1971. He was assigned to advise the Pakistan air force in 1971.

Chuck explained with his tweets what actually happened in 1971 when an Indian asked him about his plane in Chaklala airbase.

Indian Pilots Shot Themselves In The Foot.

Did you know that Indian pilots shot themselves in the foot? Chuck’s plane helped rescue them.

Chuck tells how Pakistan did not lose.

Pakistan’s sovereignty remained intact. Pakistan won. India didn’t.

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Indians being happy about shooting an unguarded parked plane.


India did not dismember Pakistan.

It never will.


The boundaries.

The original tweet said “That’s right, General. India didn’t annex Pakistan. But losing half a country isn’t anyone’s definition of ‘winning’” to which Chuck replied:

And shuts the Indians up.

When Indians were redefining winning.

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Indians do not have the power to touch a raw nerve.

Pakistan won they are a sovereign state.


India did not annex Pakistan or Bangladesh. Who won?

Truth hurts?

Try peace instead.


Pakistan air force the best in the world.

Oh yes we kicked Indian butts.

Yes they were.

So this is how Chuck Yeager explained what happened in 1971 war and shut Indians up with the truth. If you want to read more about his stay in Pakistan read his book “Yeager“.

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