Ali Noor Jamming with His Daughter is the Coolest Thing You’ll See on the Internet Today!

When it comes to being a father, our local public figures often prove themselves to be great idols. Many of the entertainers in Pakistan show the love they have for their children on their social spaces as well. Out of their busy routines, they spend quality time with their children and it indeed looks beautiful.

Just a couple of months ago, Ali Noor shared a video with his daughter Sanjana who was showing the father her business plan

The execution of the business plan was so nicely done, it got everyone “Aww”

That video reflected how the father advocates young talent as he was so interested to know what will happen next. This is just one of the examples how parents can encourage their children to use their talents and skills and Ali Noor showed in a beautiful manner.

The Singer and the Guitarist were Seen Jamming with Daughter and it was so Beautiful!

We all know Ali Noor is a great singer himself. This time, he called someone 10000 times better than himself and it was none other than his daughter Sanjana!

Just look at how comfortably Sanjana made a mistake and the way her father told her it is okay reflects how he has been a great teacher who taught her how to play the guitar. Also, they are playing a very beautiful song which speaks about Love.

More than that, his caption is so encouraging – something the daughter would feel proud of when she grows up one day and sees the love her father has for her.

While this is a short video, it gives out an important message how parents need to encourage and teach them. A lot of people are busy in their lives and forget to pay attention to their own children. Ali Noor would be a busy man himself, but certainly, has the time to teach his daughter how to play the strings and then jam with her as well.


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