6 Things You Secretly Feel When Your Sibling Is Getting Married but You Don’t Want Them to Know

Your sibling is about to start out a new venture of life with their significant other. For you, it must be a little weird to suddenly imagine your life without your sibling there; someone who’s been there for you through sleepless nights, been your crying shoulder, acted like your personal free-of-cost consultant and saved your soul when dad found about that time you went out without his permission.

There must be a roller coaster of emotions you must be feeling. Well, we’ve combined a list of things you may feel about your sibling going away, but you wouldn’t want them to know because of multiple reasons.

1. Just the thought of them going away is killing you

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This is inevitable because you will, for sure, miss them when they’re gone. Their company, their fights and everything about them will haunt you once they leave.

2. You’ll miss their presence and are happy for them but also kind of sad at the same time

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Trying so hard to curb the parallel feeling. The joy of having your sibling married can not be put into words. But with the whole span of things, you get really sad because you don’t want them to go away. At least not now.

3. You love them too much to share them with another person…so you make attempts at scaring away their fiancé

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The height of possessiveness: it’s all done in a positive way.

4. You dread the feeling of being left out all on your own

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It’s finally happening! You’re going to be left all on your own now. It’s not something you were looking forward to, but you’re going to have to deal with it now.

5. Those random hugs that you’ve suddenly started giving are a sign that you’re not really ready to let go

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This is your breaking point. Your gateway to bursting into tears. But somehow, you curb all the emotions inside you because you want to ruin the moment of happiness for your sibling.

6. You will miss them immensely – even the fights and arguments

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All of a sudden, those fights and arguments which once made you want to tear your hair apart mean so much to you. You reflect upon everything and just wonder how much you are going to miss it.

We know how hard it has been for you. All that you feel tracks back to the unconditional love you have for your sibling, and the core essence of which is perfectly captured by this Wall’s ad:

Tell us in the comments how you feel about your sibling getting married.

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