Gautam Gambir Wishes COVID-19 Positive Shahid Afridi A Speedy Recovery


It is quite interesting to see that cricket players are likely to have an on and off relationship with their rivals on both the field and in real-life. Cricket is one of the most admired sports on both sides of the border. In fact, Pakistanis and Indian fans tend to take the stance of their favorite players very seriously.

Well-wisher from beyond

On 13th June 2020, Pakistan’s lovable Lala, Shahid Afridi was diagnosed of Covid-19. As he shared the devastating news on Twitter to inform his fans and loved ones. The news spread like wildfire and many shared their love and get well soons’. The entire Pakistani cricket fraternity wished him a hearty and speedy recovery as they prayed for him. In the mean time, every one stayed hopeful to hear a comment or a well-wisher from beyond borders. However, to everyone’s surprise, this well-wisher was no other than, Gautam Gambir.

Indian star tweets concern

It seemed that the Indian cricket star player Gautam Gambir took the news quite badly and shared his wishes for Lala too. He tweeted that no one should be infected with the virus and the news of Afridi’s medical report is not only saddening rather very shocking. He not only wished Shahid Afridi to get well soon, he added on:

“Nobody should be infected with this virus. I have political differences with Shahid Afridi but I want him to recover as soon as possible. But more than Afridi I want every person infected in my country to get well as soon as possible.”

In a world where many Indians tweeted insensitively to Shahid Afridi’s tweets, it was rather refreshing and rather appealing to see a little bit concern and love, that too from someone, Pakistani’s least expected. Indeed the news of Lala getting sick is quite depressing and saddening, we do wish for his to recover soon. We also hope that Shahid Afridi responds back to Gautam Gambir’s gratitude in the same manner.  As far-fetched and destructive the hatred between both rival countries Pakistan and India is, it is always good to hope that eventually humanity prevails.

Story Credit: India Today

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