Indians Show Their True Colors With Hateful Comments On Shahid Afridi’s Coronavirus Illness

Indians always have an axe to grind against Pakistan, that is established. They also hate Shahid Afridi, despite Lala being one of the best cricketers in the world, is also a fact. However, at times both of these things combine which would make any person with a good sportsmanship cringe.

The whole world is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, just like Pakistan. Shahid Afridi too, unfortunately, became a victim of the deadly illness yesterday. While he has been receiving prayers and love from around the world, the same has not been coming from Indians.

Shahid afridi coronavirus

Shahid Afridi coronavirus

Instead, Indians have been making fun of Lala’s illness, making hateful comments and trolling him for getting COVID-19. Although it is not surprising, but one would imagine that our neighbors from across the border would have basic etiquettes of life.

Once Shahid Afridi shared the news on his official Twitter account, people from around the world, sent their wishes and prayers. Similarly, bored Indians started showcasing their true colors by making demeaning comments under the tweet.

This is how Indians behaved after Shahid Afridi’s COVID-19 illness

Some found the need to bring religion in between while targeting Afridi.

Others wanted to make jokes about his relationship with Yuvraj Singh..

Again, bringing up religion and the 72 hoors… sigh

Umar and Kamran Akmal were also given hate by Indians…

China-Pakistan friendship targeted with Afridi’s illness? How does that make sense?

No sympathy, no support – just hate?

So many people started wishing death upon the Pakistani legend..

Hateful Indians making death wishes for Afridi show who they really are…

God forbid, if Allah passes away, whenever he does, the whole world will remember him.

Apart from these, there were countless other comments and hateful remarks against Shahid Afridi on his coronavirus illness. Indians have no remorse for what they say and it has always been so.

We wish that they find the intellect to live a good and healthy life. Their hate towards Pakistan and Shahid Afridi only make them look sad and insufficient to the rest of the world.

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