Board Exams Have Gotten Cancelled But What About Universities?


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This article was originally submitted by Aliya Kazmi

While every student is celebrating on cancellation of exams and closure of educational institution; till 15 July 2020 in Pakistan, this decision doesn’t include the problems of university students; as there is no proper announcement regarding university students.

Every university is making the decision on their own. For example, some of them are taking exams online in the form of assignments and some of them have just already ended their semester. Who is suffering most from this uncertainty? Obviously! None other than students.

Soon we will enter in the last Ashra of the month of Ramzan

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This is considered as the busiest Ashra as a lot of people sit in Aitekaf and there are several nights in this for worship followed by Eid-ul-Fitr. However. the universities’ management is not considering this important and they are just doing their work making students’ lives difficult. There is burden of assignments and quizzes with less time for completion.

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Management is only giving and doing what they want to without considering the problem of students. The online system is not effective especially in Pakistan because of many reasons; like load shedding, unstable internet connection, not everyone has a proper system etc. Many times, while taking class, students lose their internet connection; resulting in loss of attendance and the track of lecture.

What if the same happens during the exam hour? What if because of this they mark someone absent during the exam? They will lose their marks without any mistake! That’s unfair! All over the country, university students are tweeting, posting these issues on social media but from day one there is no one to answer them. There should be proper timing for classes but no! Teachers are conducting online classes whenever they want to!

Their problems are problems for example load shedding, unstable internet connection but if the same thing happens with students, they are not properly dealt with.

Another problem is that online exams are not as credible as normal exams are

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There is no proper check and balance; everyone could cheat by several means that is through the help of search engines; google, yahoo, through discussion of the paper with a friend, group or any other person. This situation is not good for the high achievers or the toppers of the class as everyone could score more or less same marks; because of more chance of cheating in exam and more accessibility of books and other sources.

Now after the decision of cancellation of board exams by the Government of Pakistan, university students are also asking the Government to make any proper decision for them as well; and make the same policy for every university, as every university is doing what they want to do.

The Government of Pakistan should consider university students as important as other students, look over the problems they are facing and try to resolve them; as this is something important about their future. In the situation of this pandemic, we all are together and suffering.

However, at least the Government should provide students with proper facilities for an online system; proper 24 hours supply of electricity and a stable internet connection, making the school from home concept successful in Pakistan.

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