Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Arrives In Pakistan For Two-Day Visit

afghan president ashraf ghani

The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has arrived in Pakistan to discuss talks regarding the countries ties and hoping for cooperation. Ghani has been invited by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan himself. Moreover, it seems like there will be discussions on the economy, current state, and other political issues surrounding the two Asian countries.



President Ghani was welcomed by the Prime Minister’s Adviser on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood as well as other such officials, at the Nur Khan Airbase. In addition, Ghani has visited Pakistan before in 2014, and in 2015 where he was a part of the Heart of Asia – Istanbul Process Ministerial Conference in Islamabad.

afghan president ashraf ghani

Source: Govt Of Pakistan/Twitter

The discussions for the Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity will take place. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is also going to be visiting Lahore to attend a business forum.

Regarding the outcome of their talks and what can be in expectations about the future of the two countries, the Foreign Office gives clarification. They mention, “Closer engagement between the leaders will help foster a stronger and multi-faceted relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan,” so it seems like the leaders are trying to maintain peaceful relations in order to ensure friendly outcomes once again for the countries. It really is no secret regarding the hatred the citizens of the two countries have for each other. So, such meetings that dilute negative relationships and promise for better Afghanistan and Pakistan relations, are important.

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Negative Response From People:

Many are pointing fingers at President Ghani and wishing this interaction didn’t take place. Hence, coming back to the hatred between the countries. However, some believe that the Prime Minister should have received the President as it wasn’t a nice gesture not to.



This user is glad for President Ghani’s visit but disappointed as the PM was nowhere to be found, “Giving respect to a pakhtoon makes things much better. He should have been received by PM Pakistan. Seems like good relations with Afghanistan isn’t a priority. Welcome to Pakistan, Ashraf Ghani”

Moreover, this user addresses that President Ghani did not ‘deserve’ any higher officials to welcome him. It is better that there was only an advisor to greet him. Whether people agree with this or not depends, “Glad that Pakistan is messaging carrot and stick policy to malicious Ashraf Ghani. Gave a red carpet welcome but sent a mere advisor to receive him, not even a minister. Though his legal Tpois might be vexed why PM Imran Khan didn’t drive the Mayor from the airport himself”

Hopefully, the meeting between the two leaders can result in a positive outcome and healthy future for the Afghanistan and Pakistan relations. The most that Pakistan needs now is maintaining friendly relations with the countries surrounding it. That ensures that future problems can be avoided that are in link with pessimistic relations between countries; quite similar to the Pakistan-India situation.



What do you think of the situation? Will it help with the future-ties of the countries or not? Share your thoughts!

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