Addiction to technology; a blessing or curse?

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ADDICTION…. What it is? Is it only a word or a disease? Are people only addicted to smoking, taking pills, alcohol, drugs etc? I think most of the people, including children, are addicted to technology!

I want to share my views on this topic. How much this addiction effects our daily routine life? So let me start from the ladies either they’re working woman or a housewife.

Nowadays it’s very common to have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Most of the ladies like to upload their daily status and their profile pics and due to that sometimes they burn their food and sometimes they ignore their daily house chores which are actually necessary.

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This addiction causes the house atmosphere to change and because of it these types of mothers are getting distance from their children. The horrible fact is this, these ladies are unknown to this distance. Sometimes it’s not enough to do only your house chores your family needs your attention more.

Let’s move to men. Like women, men are also interested in technology. This interest causes addiction. The men at work face a lot of problems caused by this addiction. Whenever they get free time, they just rush towards their phones and computers, they can utilize this time to complete their remaining work.

Not only this, they sleep late using their WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks, and then they wake up early in the morning for their offices which affects their health, or else they lag behind on their work.


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Not only adults, children are also terribly addicted to technology! Today’s generation, no matter if it’s a 6 year old child or a 13 year old child they need a smartphone in their hand.

Is it good for their health? The mobile phone’s radiations are very strong that they may affect a human brain. They’re harmful for adults also but because of sensitive brains it’s most harmful for the children.


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The problem that occurs is that the parents think that their child grows more by this technology, whereas it’s not true at all.

This addiction, nowadays lives like a family member in one’s house. It’s not bad to use this technology, but as long as it’s in limited amount….

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