Man Released From Prison After 44 Years Reacts To Technology!

In an age marked by technological progress, every new week sees a new innovation that leaves us baffled and enthralled. Screen sharing, video calling, iCloud, space technology; what’s next?



Imagine what would happen if you were to be locked away for an entire year, and then brought back to the outside world. You’d probably see flying cars with an air traffic control system, among many other things. Your reaction would be similar to that of Otis Johnson’s.


After being released from prison after 44 years, at the age of 69, Johnson walked outside to a world that was starkly different than the one he had been made to abandon. Johnson was sentenced to 44 years in prison after being charged for attempted murder of a policeman.



On a visit to the Times Square in New York, he expressed his incredulity over people with “wires in their ears”, and passers by “talking to themselves” on their iPhones. To him, we, with our gadgets and technology-driven lifestyle, seem like CIA agents. In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Johnson offers an intriguing perspective on how the world around us has evolved.

In his new found freedom, Johnson finds a fresh start- he assumes responsibility for his actions and resolves to focus on the future instead of looking back.

Watch this heartwarming video of a man make sense of the modern world, recall his family life and step into the future (no pun intended) positive-headed.

His insightful interview forces you to think; how mechanized and robotic has our life become?

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