7 Things People With Common Names Go Through

1. You will never get your exact name on a social network

There is always someone with your name who beat you to signing up on the latest social network.


2. Someone famous who is an embarrassment shares your name

Someone famous will have your name and that person will be a screw up.

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3. It’s impossible for people to find you

Never. Because there would be hundreds of people with the same name.

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4. Googling your name generates tons of hits, almost none of which are you

With a common name, Googling your name means finding yourself on page 107 of the Google results, preceded by 106 pages of articles about famous screw-ups with your name.

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5. You must have a descriptor to separate you from the screw ups

You always have to use some other word or phrase to identify yourself. Maria with the big nose. Maria with the dented car. Maria with the cute cat.

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6. It pays to keep your address and phone number the same

With a common name, keeping the same contact information is vital to hearing again from old friends and acquaintances.

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7. It sucks when YOUR common name sounds like another common name

Sucks. Big time.

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