Boxer Amir Khan Calls Faryal Makhdoom ‘Irrelevant’ While Flirting With Another Model on Social Media!

Amir Khan certainly does not know how to keep it in his pants or even how to value the sanctity of his marriage…or whatever that is left of it. The boxer recently became a father after a controversial rift with wife Faryal Makhdoom. Over last year’s Christmas, they got back together, but it seems the two were just living in a bubble.

As per various international media outlets, Boxer Amir Khan flirted with transgender model from Britain, Talulah-Eve.

Amir Khan, Who Is 31 and a Father of Two, Messaged the 24-Year-Old Model on Instagram With the Intentions of Flirting With her

According to Talulah-Eve, Amir Khan Called her “Hot” While Making Advances on her

While questioning his marriage with Faryal Makhdoom, Amir Khan said the following:

“We are getting divorced so she’s irrelevant.”

Talulah rejected the advances made by Khan and sent him a crude message. With the media, a close source to her shared the following:

“She was speechless when Amir messaged. She doesn’t want to be part of a fetish,”

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The Source Further Shared:

“She was disgusted at how he reacted when she turned him down. He seemed to think he could click his fingers and expect her to jump into bed.”

Appalling how Amir Khan cannot wait for his marriage to properly end and continues making advances on every other woman there is. Also, now that he is a father of two, at least learn something from that…

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