This Video of Amir Khan Grooving with a Girl in Dubai Shows that the Boxer Has Moved On!

A few days ago, a couple who shared their lives on social media, showing the world how deeply they are in love, showed the worst side of a marriage. Like immature kids who bring their matters to social media, Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom named and shamed each other on their Twitter accounts. While Faryal claimed that her account was hacked, Amir had no regrets on what he did.

The boxer called the mother of her daughter “gold digger” on social media and claimed that she cheated on him. On the other hand, the “hacked” tweets made through Faryal’s account shared how the Muslim boxer actively drinks and parties, and has also hooked with call girls while married.

The couple announced they have now officially called off their marriage!

While nothing was working out between the two, the way Amir Khan brought the matter to social media and insulting Faryal was a low blow.

Faryal, however, hasn’t spoken much aside from those hacked tweets. While the tweets mentioned how Amir had already cheated on Faryal, this video which was shared on Facebook adds value to the statements.

Amir Khan’s Video of Partying with a Girl in Dubai was Shared on Social Media

Amir Khan observed no time and went out in the game as soon as he got the chance. Apparently, this girl in the video is Gulbahar, an actress and beauty influencer in Dubai!

The boxer was mingling with this girl who shared this video on Facebook. People seeing this video shared how they feel bad for the daughter who’ll grow up and listen to these statements by people.

Facebook: Metronome

Makes Sense!

Facebook: Metronome


Facebook: Metronome

It is indeed appalling to see this video circulating on social media – not because he doesn’t have the right to go out and party, but because the couple recently ended their ties and he’s putting out an image as if he was never involved with his wife and mother of his child.


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