A Samsung Note 4 Exploded In This Pakistani’s Bed And So Did Twitter

Mobile phones have become the tota (parrot) from those old-time magical tales in which the soul of an evil guy would stay and the only way to harm him was to harm the parrot. We protect our phones from all kinds of troubles and spies. They’re always with us and we try to not get them in danger.

But what if that same phone died and harmed you in return?

Something of that sort happened recently with a Twitter user Aftab Afridi, whose Samsung Note 4 caught fire while he was asleep next to it.






People from all over the country quickly jumped on the hashtag and tweeted the incident to the cell-phone company

But some tried to figure out what was actually happening



Uhh.. because that’s what normal people do?

That escalated quickly



There are reports of exploding Samsung washing machines coming through as well



The Sales are… BOOMING



This conspiracy theorist might be on to something


What do you think of the entire explosion situation?

Suffering major losses on the recalling of phones and now the washing machines, what do you think of the future for Samsung? Would people still buy their products?

Would YOU still buy their products? let us know!

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