A Pakistani Couple Went on a Game Show And According to the Locals, Scene Kuch Ziyada Hogaya

The Pakistani game shows are literally the ‘in-thing’ these days. Based on the ratings they give out to the channels, the game shows are becoming one of the core components of the local franchises. From Amir Liaquat’s controversial remarks to Fahad Mustafa’s witty humor on his show, hundreds of people attend these shows and go home as winners.

The fact is that a specific economic class of Pakistan goes to these shows – they don’t care much about their image on national TV – they just want to participate and win something for their families. The game shows encourage such an attitude.

Seeing How People of Different Walks of Life Go There, They Do Things Which are Something One Would Call ‘Sophisticated’

A similar situated happened in this incident – a local couple went to Fizza Ali’s game show Eidi Sab Kay Liye. While playing the round, the wife of the husband playing the game got a little too excited and the ways she took his name out loud became a joke.

Here’s the Video


People Took it as a PG18+ Joke and Talked All About It

What a Huge Deal…

Well, here’s the Point. To the Point!

So now we will probably see memes on the face of Ejaz Sahab and his wife who were just enjoying the game, but the dirty minds interpreted it in another manner. Probably the next ‘We are proud of you’ or ‘Gainda‘ meme we made of someone innocent who had no idea they will be mocked around the internet.

It is indeed upsetting the type of things we feel are fun to do, but forget about how it may end up hurting someone. Not everything over the internet is to be taken lightly.


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