Sana Bucha Lashes Out on Mahira Khan’s Recent Interview with BBC Over Harassment Cases

Harassment is indeed an alarming situation. Workplace harassment happens to be the sort not many speak about. In fear of job security, in fear of not having the support of others and in fear of not getting get justice, harassment resonates a lot of aspects one neglects.

In the recent days, Hollywood, the biggest entertainment industry in the world has witnessed a number of harassment cases, involving rape, sexism and various more. On the other hand, harassment overall is one the many societal issues of Pakistan.

Mahira Khan’s upcoming film Verna sheds light on rape, a form of harassment as well.

Mahira Khan Recently Gave an Interview with BBC!

She was asked various questions regarding the film, but most importantly, she was asked about harassment, which is one of the aspects highlighted in Verna. The actress revealed that she has never been the target of harassment and has never personally witnessed workplace harassment, such as those being raised in Hollywood.

Khan was further asked why has she been safe from harassment. “Is it because of your conduct?” The actress denied that and shared how she entered the industry after being a mother and so far hasn’t had the experience of working with many.

Additionally, she shared that this has nothing to with someone’s conduct, for no one has the right to take advantage of how someone chooses to represent themselves. Seeing how Mahira was recently questioned and trolled for her smoking picture with Indian actor Ranbir Kapoor, her honesty made complete sense.

Watch the Interview Mahira Khan Gave:

Mahira Khan indeed seems confident in the interview and shared some important points, but anchor Sana Bucha doesn’t seem so pleased.

On Hearing the Interview, Journalist Sana Bucha had her Say

According to Bucha, who did not name Mahira Khan, feels that her attitude towards harassment was “non-serious”.

Khan stated in the interview how she had to conduct some research herself to play the role, which indicates she studied harassment cases in Pakistan as well. On the other hand, she was asked about harassment in workplace more, which in her opinion, she never witnessed. Khan never denied the presence of it overall.

Perhaps a clearer statement from Bucha could show what really put her off regarding Khan’s interview.


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