Darren Sammy is So Excited about PSL that He Tweets in Pushto and Wins Everyone's Hearts

Darren Sammy is So Excited about PSL that He Tweets in Pushto and Wins Everyone’s Hearts

Darren Sammy is one of the finest international players that we proudly boast about having in Pakistan Super League. He’s a sensation in the Carribean and remains a prolific cricketer to date. Talk about of the profile of the cricketer, Darren Sammy has an innate ingenuity to control the game, takes tactically strong decisions as Captain and of course, scores big scores.

Source: The National

He Captains Peshawar Zalmi, the reigning champions of PSL. Pakistanis love him and we absolutely feel a notion pride of having him in our league. Darren Sammy continues to amaze us with his humorous comments, his excitement for PSL and of course, his love for Pakistani fans. Once again, the cricketer has given us a reason to love him even more…

PSL 3 is a few months away and if you’re not hyped enough, check out what Darren Sammy has to say…

He made a Tweet in Pushto language which reads:

Pakhairoona Zalmi’s. Sanga ai Taso. Umeed laram che taso ba tol rogh Jor ai. Sanga chal de psl 3 bara ke mu sa khyal de. (Tell me what u think of spl draft)

Now can somebody translate that for us? 🙂


okay, mate

Owner of Peshawar Zalmi, Javed Afridi loves it!



Saves the day



This one tweet by Darren Sammy really got us prepped up for the 3rd edition of PSL. It’s going to be great what sort of action we will get to witness next year.

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