13 Moments That Make You Realize You Are Not A Teenager Anymore

Growing up is a part of everyone’s life, no matter how big or small you are, you have to grow up. This process of growing up involves passing through some stages that actually tell you about the changes time has brought into you. Sometimes when you look back and think of the things you have done, the games you have played, the times you’ve shared with your friends and the moments you have passed not thinking about anything but just enjoying, that is when you realize you life has changed forever. Few things that are a sign of your changing life…

1.When you finally understand ‘Love’

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2.When you don’t have to tell someone to wake you up

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3.Passing by your school/college becomes a moment of joy

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4.When you finally realize that parents were right

200 (7)

5.When being alone is sometimes the only thing you want

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6.When you realize that the grass is not greener on the other side

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7.When ‘come pick me up’ turns into, ‘Lets plan something’

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8.When ‘Nothing Feels Like Home’ gets real

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9.When kids start looking up to you as a guide

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10.When your life plans start failing

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11.When birthdays don’t matter


12.When you don’t care about people leaving you

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13.When you consider going through an old photo album

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