9 Crazy Things That Happen When Two of Your Friends BreakUp

If 2 of your friends have ever broken up (even temporarily), or come close to it, I’m sure you can relate to these things…

1. The Stupid Fight

Let’s face it – it’s usually about something extremely stupid and unimportant


2. The Attempted Patch-Up

And sooner or later they realize that .  .  . or at least only one of them does

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3. The Heart Break

But ego tou aani hoti hai naa beech mein


ezgif.com-crop (26)

4. Then They Tell You To Pick A Side

And your obvious response ‘NO!’


5. The Treatment

Finally you decide to step in and mediate the matter and knock some sense into the both of them while staying neutral and not placing blame on either one completely

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5. The Friend-Zoning

Though you may even consider an opportunity for yourself in the process


6. The Awkwardness

But then when they can’t be around each other socially, you decide enough is enough


7. The Jealousy

But they won’t back down easy. They’ll try everything to make their ‘ex’ hurt

Guys be like .  . .


And Girls be like . . .

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8. The Potential To Get Back Together

But then you have ‘The Talk’ and try to remind them of all the good times you spent together and why they are perfect for each other


9. The Actual Getting Back Together

And when they finally remember what that was like – things have never been better and they have you to thank for it!



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