8 Extremely Hilarious Ways To Prank Your Wife (Only For Desis)

1. Post the worst picture of her on Facebook

And caption it: “Shaitaan aapko like karney se rokey ga.”


Source: reviewit.pk

2. Mix her clean clothes with your dirty clothes

All hell will break loose!


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3. Take her hairdryer and load it up with lots of face powder

Wait for the priceless expression when she comes out of the shower to blow dry her hair.


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3. Talk in SMS language. IRL.

Say ROFLMAO with dead straight face when she says something funny.


Source: zemnews.pk

4. Bring chocolates for her. Then eat them yourself.

And keep the empty packaging in the refrigerator.


Source: www.imperial.ac.uk

5. Replace The Salt With Sugar To Confuse The Hell Out Of Her


Source: www.activistpost.com

7. Don’t receive her calls for a day And Reply With…

shakar wandaan re…


Source: pakistanidramasonline.pk

8. Scare her while she sleeps

Record scary voices on your cellphone and play them in her ear while she sleeps.


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9. Wear Her Shadi Ka Lengha And Prance Around Like She Did On Your Wedding


Source: www.uthtime.in

P.S: Don’t try these until you have complete faith in your relationship.

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