5 Things Every Pakistani Wife Expects Her Husband to Do on a Romantic Night Out

She may be a strong, independent woman. She may be earning her way through a job, but does not mean that chivalry should die, right? Honestly, these things may not even cost you as much as you have it all in your head. It eventually is the thought(s) that count in the end and girls (the perfect one at least) understands that the most.

Going out together is important in a relationship because it gives one the idea of how the other person really is. Just like hanging out with your friends. Of course, it doesn’t mean walking holding hand in hand and other chummy stuff. Uh-uh.

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Anyway, if you want to leave an impression on her (which you must never stop doing), here are some things to do when you’re planning a romantic night out:

1. Greet her with Flowers, Or Chocolates or Anything!

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Cost? Less than 500rs.

Impression? Lifetime!

A lot of people think relationships include a hefty amount of money on your significant other. Not necessarily. Women go for the thought more than the amount of money you pay. You greet her with something nice, she will definitely have a great mood and time throughout the evening!

2. Smile with her in Pictures

Selfies matter a lot in modern relationships, don’t you think? More than that, the couples in relationships these days flaunt the love affair on social media a lot. Like or not, that has become one of the ways to show your feelings for someone.

If she pulls out her selfie camera, be sure to strike a smile and take a picture with her. For the sake of memories, it is always a good idea.

3. Offer to Pay the Bills

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The modern-day woman doesn’t really care about a man spending all the time on her. Given how woke every woman now is, paying her part of the meal isn’t really much of an issue. Given the understanding between you two, she may even wish to pay your bill to be ‘even’.

Nonetheless, men are known for carrying their woman and if leaving an impression means to offer to pay the bill, do it.

4. Talk to her As Much as You Can

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Sometimes couples don’t express themselves over messages or calls. The perfect time to share aspects about each other is when you meet each other. Get to know one another, find out their likes and dislikes and of course, ask about how their day has been.

5. Do NOT Take her Food

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Unless she offers you herself then of course, hehe.

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