Who Is Going To Benefit The Most From The New Facebook Emojis!

Who Is Going To Benefit The Most From The New Facebook Emojis!

 Facebook just got a whole lot more fun! The emoticon reactions that have been unveiled by Facebook worldwide, are a new and innovative way of expressing  a range of emotions other than just. “liking” or “disliking” a post.

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Zuckerberg and the developers at Facebook have now made all their Facebook users’ lives simple. No more writing long posts or “LOLing” now all you have to do is click one of the ever so perfect options; love, laughter, surprise, sadness and anger. Something that a simple ‘dislike’ button could never have accomplished.

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This is perfect for those people who want to say a lot without being too up front about it, you can express all your emotions without have to write dragged out post that you wrote and rewrote five times just to get your point across.

Here are the people who will benefit the most….

1. The Hopeless Facebook Romantic

Instead of liking ever single one of your posts and making perfectly articulated comments on your pictures, hoping that you get the hint. This guy can just hit the “Love” button and you will instantly know what he’s feeling.


2. The Constant “LOLer”

This is the guy whos only from of communication is either “LOL” or “LMFAO” he will post funny clips, sayings and pictures all with the same caption. Finally he gets a button where he can express himself perfectly, the “Laughter” Button!


3. The Facebook Phaday Bazz

This person is the one who makes snide comments and remarks just to make you feel bad, the type of person that would definitely use the “Dislike” button for this grump there is the “Angry” option.

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4. The Facebook Aunty

That one aunty who always post, “OMG Look How Big You Have Gotten” Or ” MA We Are All So Proud Of You !!!!!” to lessen your embarrassment, Facebook has come up with the “Surprise” button so she can express her self with your whole friendless getting to know what she thinks.


5. The Facebook Emo

That one guy or girl that just comes on FB to tell you how bad their life is, with their heart breaking quotes and deep love song posts they can make even a perfectly happy person feel sad. Don’t worry they haven’t been left out for them FB has the “Sadness” button 🙁

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