4 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A Foodie With Non-Foodie Friends

4 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A Foodie With Non-Foodie Friends

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Having some serious relationship issues, not a big deal.

Your internet is slow? Not even a problem!

You know what a problem is? When food is YOUR life but your friends? They can sleep for days without having a single bite! Trust me, you’re in a real mess. And do you know what the worst part is? It is when you can’t change them.

Being foodie is a “feeling”. It’s real love. It is passion for something. Food is life.



But some people, they can’t feel this love. They are empty souls who have no idea what food means. What sad people.

Following are some common things which a foodie person having non-foodie friends can relate to every time they went for a day out.

1. Its Really Hard To Change Them


Source: SORTEDfood

Every time you make a plan for a lunch or a dinner, they are the ones who resist.

Yes yes yes, they are the famous “plan crushers”. Obviously they don’t like to eat so they don’t want to go anywhere. You literally have to drag them from their bedrooms to go out to some eatery.

2. They Don’t Want To Try Something New 


Source: Huffington Post

Give them the menu card and all they want to eat is that typical old chicken burger with a slice of cheese and some fries which (they think) belongs to them from the beginning of this world. And if you ask them to try something new, what they have to say you is “yaar tu khaa le main yahi khaaun ga”

3. You Eat Everything – They Eat Nothing!


Source: ameliaislandplantationblog.com

Sitting in a restaurant, while enjoying your delicious steak with pineapple sauce and mashed potatoes, your non-foodie friend after eating half of his “chicken burger” says to you “kese khaa lete ho yar mere se tou ye ni khaya jaata”…that is the time when you feel yourself like a big fat monster who can eat buildings and trees and everything around him.

4. They Are The Angels Who Always Leave Their Food For You


Source: Giphy

Yes you read it right they are the ultimate angels. Because they never finish their food and you always get that to eat. That’s why we all love our non-foodie friends..

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