4 Scholarships Every Pakistani Students Should Apply On To Excel In Life!

Scholarships in Pakistan 2019

Pakistan is populated with immensely talented young individuals that cannot afford quality education. So often a good mind is wasted because they couldn’t gather enough funds to pursue their choice of program in a school that excels in it. This is where these scholarships come in and help the deserving students move forward in their lives by gaining access to quality education. We have compiled a list of some of the local scholarships awarded to the Pakistani students for schools within the country.

1. National Textile University HEC Funded Scholarship

National Textile University


HEC is providing scholarships at National Textile University for bright students who wish to pursue undergraduate degree programs in Pakistan for the academic year 2019-2020. NTU is a great option as this school assists its students in planning a suitable career and also helps in finding them work. Not only this, but the institute is also known for providing solutions including creating employment opportunities. The candidates gain industry exposure and hands-on training that helps them in building a network and streamline opportunities for themselves.

Benefits Include: 100% Tuition fee plus stipend Rs. 6,000/- per month. 

2. Cedar College

Cedar College

Via Cedar College

Cedar College is offering scholarships for students that are looking to build a strong educational foundation which will help them to curate an excellent career for themselves. The college is divided into three departments, which include: Primary School (R-6), Middle School (7–9) and Senior School.

Benefits Include: The studentship will provide educational funds for candidates’ studies. 

3. Fully-Funded Scholarships by HEC for Balochistan and FATA Students

This is a great step taken by the HEC to encourage the bright students of Balochistan and FATA to continue with their studies from any HEC recognized local universities. It’s a fully-funded scholarship aimed to help the intelligent students of the affected areas by covering all of their educational costs.

Benefits Include: The educational grant will cover tuition fee and other charges, such as:

  • Maximum Rs. 60,000 per semester
  • A living allowance of Rs. 9000 per month with an annual increment of Rs. 500 for 2nd year,
  • Book allowance of Rs. 6000 per annum along with the traveling allowance of Rs.5000 per annum and
  • Initial settlement allowance of Rs. 10,000 once.

4. Minhaj University -Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri Merit Awards

Minhaj University Lahore

Via apkpure.com

Need funds to pursue an undergraduate degree? Then avail Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri merit awards for getting enrolled in undergraduate degree coursework at Minhaj University. This particular school is situated in Lahore and excels in equipping its students will the required skills to progress in their careers.

Benefits Include: University provides 100%, or 50% or 70% or 30% educational fund according to academic achievement.

These are the four scholarships provided to Pakistani students for universities and colleges within the country. Every hardworking and determined students deserve a fair chance at a good education and these scholarships cater to those talented students who are unable to pay the ridiculously high fee of most of the universities and private schools.

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