10 Best Business Schools In Pakistan Which Produce The Most Able Business Grads With A Safe Future!

Top Business Schools In Pakistan

As the building of an individual’s character majorly depends on the level of education he pertains. From personal grooming to the intellective persona someone holds is merely judged on the basis of the degree he attains. Calling on the desi schooling criteria, parents deciding where to send their child and which field would be better for him is a totally different story but the forcing culture is now changing.

Business Schools in Pakistan which are making a name in the business market!

Despite being surrounded by ill circumstances regarding the economic and political conditions of the country, Pakistan still manages to produce exceptionally talented individuals. The brains behind such intelligence are the top-notch institutes that mold a person physically and mentally into a character that can face any challenge in the future world. Following are the best business schools of Pakistan that are currently leading the market and providing the world with some extremely intelligent individuals.

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Details of the 10 best business schools in Pakistan are below!

1. Institute of Business and Technology (IBT), Karachi: Among other business institutes of Pakistan, Institute of Business and Technology tops the list when it comes to Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree.  As per the Higher Education Commission (HEC) ranking of 2019, Institute of Business and Technology is labeled as the best university for the MBA program. Individuals who wish to seek a worthy and vast experience of MBA should prefer taking admission in this business school.

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2. Institute of Management Sciences (IMS), Peshawar: In the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) division, the Institute of Management Sciences located in Peshawar comes next for excellent business education. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has ranked this university among the best business schools across Pakistan. This business institute offers both Bachelors and Masters programs to students for the best learning experience.


3. Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi: Taking over a good position in the list of Pakistan’s best business schools, IBA has proved to be famous for its quality education criteria. Nearly every Multinational Company (MNC) prefers a graduate of IBA to work for them as compared to other business schools holding a famous platform. The institute has a vast business program offering policy and its Bachelors and Masters Business Administration (BBA/MBA) programs are considered to be the best in town.


4. Sukkur Institute of Business Administration (SIBA), Sukkur: Offering some brilliant graduate and undergraduate programs in easily affordable tuition fees, SIBA has been a staple name in the best business schools list. Last year, this university was among top five best business institutes list released by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). SIBA is said to be a reliable choice for higher studies.

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5. Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi: Located in Karachi’s industrial area, IoBM has built its trust regarding higher education among the masses. In this year’s Higher Education Commission (HEC)’s top business schools ranking, Institute of Business Management (IoBM) has managed to rack on the sixth position. Carrying a vast experience of business teaching, this university has proved its worth with the passage of time.


6. Lahore School of Economics (LSE), Lahore: Holding an important stance in the business education market, LSE offers some of the best academic programs to its students. The business programs offered by this university carry an outstanding reputation in the education field and the passed out students are hired by the top companies in a handsome package. LSE is always the preference list of every individual thinking of going towards business education.


7. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST), Karachi: Taking over a well-known name in the business education field, SZABIST has been ranked at number three in 2019. The institute contains every facility from excellent professors to well-implemented policies and a vast categories of business programs.


8. Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore: Since last few years, LUMS has been grabbing the number one spot in the Higher Education Commission (HEC) rankings outcasting all other business schools of Pakistan. It is among the top 800 universities around the world which clearly tells the quality of programs this institute offers. In producing some extremely talented businessmen, LUMS takes the lead.


9. Iqra University (IU), Karachi: This business school is famous nationally for its experienced teaching faculty and reasonable and affordable fee structure. With time, IU is expanding its education network countrywide providing an easy platform to attain a quality education and experience a new era of learning. This university manages to grab a worthy position in the Higher Education Commission (HEC)’s list of best business schools of Pakistan.


10. Superior University, Lahore: According to this year’s Higher Education Commission (HEC) top business institutes ranking, Superior University is standing at an amazing 8th position. Having a worthy graduate and undergraduate programs criteria, this university has shown improvement in every aspect and finally made it to the HEC listing of 2019. This business institute has also promoted the researching stance in the last few years.


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Well, these are some of the best business schools operating in Pakistan adding great value in building a successful individual.

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