2 Lovers Bonded In the Most Unique Shadi Ever – Match Made In Heaven

Mooooooniicaaaa, oh my darling! Says Clinton, a donkey to his donkey-wife, Monica. #lovewins How amazing is this!

How amazing is THIS!

Love has no boundaries. It can happen to anyone and anywhere. If you think only humans love and bond with each other, you know nothing. Animals have feelings too and they bond with each other uniquely.

Humans are unpredictable. You cannot begin to think the height of ridiculousness some people tend to finish in their acts. It goes beyond sense and belief how the efforts in doing something far too ridiculous take place.

You have been to a lot of weddings, I am sure. You have seen the bride and groom shimmering in different colors. You cannot stop adoring the couple who are about to get wed in a euphoric event of their wedding. All smiles here and there.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Bet you have never been to the world’s most unique shadi ever. How unique a shadi can it be? Well, there have already been many absurd things witnessed at weddings. Where one bride slips in a fountain, another newlywed couple starts fighting, wardrobe malfunctions, ridiculous entrances and what not… These instances still saw two humans getting married.

What we are about to show is nothing like anything before. Care to share a good laugh over it and I bet you cannot help but realize it is very cute of people to do this:

Oh, the meltdown… *tears of joy*

Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

Here we saw 2 donkeys, Clinton and Monica locked in a passionate embrace, courtesy of humans.

There is whole mob surrounding them. They are eager to see what is happening in their neighborhood or what people are up to now. This is the perfect example of finding reasons to have fun and celebrate. But it is too much. Getting 2 animals married in such a way just shows people want to do crazy things.

We do not have much to complain about. We just hope both the animals did not face any torture. You cannot suggest that they were absolutely calm throughout the whole scene. I Wonder if they know that they are having a whole wedding ceremony as a result of the craziness of some humans.

We leave it here to you. How do you react to Clinton and Monica’s marriage? Aren’t they happily ever after in their bond?

Safe to say, #Clinton+Monica and once again #lovewins

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