15 Signs You Are Not The Only Girl For Him Anymore

1. There’s  A Certain Emotional Distance Between You That Wasn’t There Before


2. He looks at you but doesn’t see you


3. When You Ask Him If He’s Happy


4. He Has Less Time On His Hands and Isn’t Around That Often (It’s As Though He Doesn’t Want To Make Time)

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5. When You Complain About That. .  . He Seems To Have Never-Ending Excuses For That

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6. Instead, He Encourages You To Socialize With Others To Do All Sorts Of Things Typically You Guys Did Together


7. When You Do Hang Out – He’s Distracted/Tired and Moody

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8. His Patience Seems To Run Out Very Soon

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9. He Seems To Lie To Your Face About Little Things

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10. Suddenly His Privacy Is a Priority


 11. He’s Forgetful Of What’s Important To You

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12. He’s Suddenly Become Extremely Critical Of You (He Blames You For Any Potential Differences You Guys Have)


13. Or  Being Extra Nice (Probably Out of Guilt)

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14. A Significant Change In Appearance and Over-All Interest In Looking Good

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15. When You Suggest Taking A Break, He Agrees More Than Willingly


Of Course You Reading This Article Is Reason Enough. Listen To Your Gut Instinct.

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