14 Ways To Know That A Girl Is Hiding Something…

Understanding a girl is one of the toughest things to do, it is as hard as trying find the corner of this world. This situation actually create many problems when it come to relationships, where boys trying to understand girls fail to do so and the couple ends up in a bad way, this happens especially when the girl’s attitude changes and the guy can never figure out why that happened; so, in order to help the boys out there, here are a few things that are a signal of something that your girl is hiding from you

1.She’s lost in some other world, while you’re telling her your story

2.Suddenly, she starts to avoid talking to you

3.There’s something that she never wants to talk about

4.She avoids making direct eye contact with you

5.She’s not that comfortable around you anymore

6.She starts thinking and questioning you about hypothetical situations

7.Her ‘I Don’t care’ attitude steps in, all of a sudden

8.She starts getting really nice to you out of nowhere, because she is guilty of something

9.Her ‘Privacy’ becomes a thing for her out of nowhere

10.She starts making new best friends

11.She’s lost most of the times

12.She has become silent and stopped reacting to things that used to matter

13.She finds happiness in others happiness

14.Her anger issue becomes a problem, she gets annoyed by very tiny things


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