15 August Black Day Observed In Pakistan As Solidarity With Kashmir

15 august black day

If there is one country that cares about Human Rights on an international level, its Pakistan. Be it in its own country or in any other Muslim state. Pakistan has never limited itself from speaking up against human rights violation. Now that its happening right across the border, involving Kashmiris, people of its own nation. How could Pakistan stay quiet? So, the country is doing everything in its power to express solidarity with Kashmiris. Today on 15 August Black Day is observed in Pakistan in support of the disputed state.

Pakistan Drawing International Attention Towards IOK With 15 August Black Day

This day is being observed as a protest to the illegal annexation of New Delhi on Jammu and Kashmir. India has been imposing brutality on the Muslims of Indian Occupied Kashmir for a long time. The Kashmiris have been oppressed and killed. No voice had been raised for Kashmir internationally. But now Pakistan is trying to draw international attention towards the unresolved matter.

Black flags will be raised in the rallies and half-mast on the day of India’s independence. Also, along the LoC and across Kashmir. This would be an indication of 15 august black day that is being observed in the country. Pakistan also celebrated its own independence day on 14th august in solidarity with Kashmiris. The nation which has been a subject to the aristocracies and brutalities of Indian paramilitary for decades.

Pakistan is making efforts to unveil India’s illegal moves to change the demography of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Dissolution of Article 370 of India’s constitution would mean Indians from other regions would be able to buy land in Kashmir. And Kashmiris would not have a say in any bill that the government passes in this state. This would take away the autonomous state of Kashmir. Meanwhile, paramilitary killing Muslims brutally in Kashmir could only mean one thing, ethnic cleansing.

The Diplomatic Win Of Pakistan In Kashmir Issue

Recently, Pakistan has had a major diplomatic win. As the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) announced a meeting on Friday. This meeting would aim to discuss on the matter of Jammu and Kashmir. Whether India is to revoke article 370 or not. It is being held in response to the letter written by Pakistan to UN. As China and Russia backed Pakistan request for this meeting.

Hence, this meeting would be a notable development in the issue of Kashmir. Since it would be the first time in decades that UN is taking notice of Kashmir.

Anyhow, this is the first win for Pakistan and it will have great weight on any further development in the region.

However, Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s government has announced that people in the rallies of 15 august black day will be wearing black bands around their wrists. As Pakistanis want to highlight the fact that how democratic is this world’s largest democracy, India. Where Indians are not even granting Muslims basic human rights. Narendra Modi is aiming to make Kashmir, the second Palestine. But this will not happen until Pakistan is standing with Kashmiris.

Since PM Imran Khan and the authorities have passed on a clear message that Pakistan will go at all extremes for Kashmir. If international interference doesn’t help revoke the rights of Kashmir, the war would be the only solution. And Pakistan is ready for it.

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