Celebrities React To Priyanka Chopra’s Two-Faced Statement About India And Pakistan’s War!

Many Pakistani celebrities are calling out Priyanka Chopra’s hypocritical behavior of justifying the current India and Pakistan war at BeautyCon LA!

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Source: The Guardian

Basically, the actress was confronted by a Pakistani woman named Ayesha Malik who saw Chopra talking about peace. She stopped by to ask a simple question of why did she tweet “Jai Hind” and is now all about peace-making. Not to mention, Chopra is also a UN ambassador so her actions carry even more weight. Her initial tweet had been met with severe hate especially because it was extremely damaging. It seemed that Chopra doesn’t understand the importance of her platform and definitely misused it.



Her words were enough to turn a couple of heads but her gestures towards Malik were rude as well. She asked the girl to stop yelling. However, they had already snatched the mic from Malik so there was no other way for her to convey her thoughts except for yelling. Also, Chopra made uncivil faces towards the girl as well. This showed that she wasn’t ready for a calm conversation in the first place.

Twitter Reacts: 

People have been calling her out over since the day the incident happened. And even Malik shared the video on her Twitter. Among many of the celebrities that gave a response, Armeena Khan’s tweet went somewhat viral. She took to Twitter to say, “Where are Pakistan’s representatives to reply to this? Where is our love for the people who idolise and follow us? Will anyone respond clearly and categorically to this because she is a walking disgrace to the very word “humanitarian””

Khan even replied to a tweet that mentioned the behavior of Chopra as “cringy”. She said, “The girl clearly had the microphone snatched from her hand. She wasn’t allowed to finish her question which this one branded as a “rant.”” It is great to see celebrities calling Priyanka Chopra out now as many didn’t for her anti-Pakistan tweet.

Additionally, Khan has written a letter to UNICEF to remove Chopra as an ambassador. She delivered an open letter to the organization and posted proof on social media.


Veena Malik also made sure to display her anger towards the current incident. She said, “An Indian Actor whoz Biggest claim to fame is getting married to a “Gora Larka” gets the the mic snatched from a girl before she is done with her legitimate Question and than Gaslights her with sayig” Dnt Yell Gurl n embarass Yourself”…one word” and completed the tweet with trash as a hashtag alongside Chopra’s name.

The founder of women’s republic Sai Sailaja Seshadri publicly called out the actress out as well.

“Priyanka Chopra, an extremely powerful woman who claims to be all about empowerment, trying to shut up another brown woman who’s rightfully upset AIN’T IT. I’m upset I supported her for so long” Her tweet read. This appears to be a perfect summary of the anger that all of social media is depicting towards the Indian celebrity.



What do you think of the situation? Do you believe Priyanka Chopra is encouraging a war between India and Pakistan in the name of ‘patriotism’? Do you believe that she deserves the backlash? Share your thoughts.

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