12 Situations You Come Across With Your Parlor Wali ‘Aunties’ Every Time You Go

Parlor wali ‘Aunties’ are like oxygen, you can’t live without them! All the confidence you gained throughout your life will turn into miseries due to these women you come across who work at beauty salons.

For them, nothing is good in life or in you for that matter! “Is baar ziada growth hogae hai na? Beta baloon ka khayal nae rakhten? Itne dry horhay hain…” and yada yada yada! So, these Parlor wali Aunties are basically sent to this world for masoom girls like us with whom these Aunties can take a load of revenge for all the “pichle janam”!!!

Here are 12 situations, which I am sure, all girls have gone through and then asked God for mercy.

1. When You Go After A Whole Month To Get Your Eyebrows Made


Source: MTV UK

Parlor Aunty: Beta kahan ghaib the? Ab itni growth hogai hogi, hai na?

Me: Ugh…

2. When You Ask For A Haircut For Your Curly Hair


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And she’ll start telling you the benefits of one rebonding treatment or another! “Aik baar kerwa ker to dekho!” And I secretly wish that this Aunty would just do this “aik baar” free of cost! Haye hamari aisi qismat kahan!!!

3. When She Suggests Ke “Beta Ab Waxing Ka Tou Zamana He Nae Hai”


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And after a few seconds, she changes her statement like our PM that, “Ye hum nahe kehrhay duniya kehrhe hai, duniya” Aunty! You’ve broken my trust!

4. Dulhe Ki Behen Ko Party Makeup Nae Bridal Makeup Kerwana Chahye!


Source: Tenor

Luckily, if your mom permits you for even getting a party makeup done on your bhaiyya ki shaadi, these parlor wali aunties try their level best to make you ashamed in front of your mom! “Beta thora sa to or lagane do na” kehte kehte she turns the light makeup into light makeup ke naam per dhabba! seriously, Aunty! What’s the limit?

5. When She Ignores Every Request Of Yours Regarding Your Eyebrows


Source: iLiveit

What you said is,“Aunty shape bani hoi hai just extra baal nikal den” and what she hears, “Aunty bilkul patli banaden bohat mote bangae thay last time”. Results are just *censored*

6. Extra Growth? Shaving Kerti Ho?


Source: iTimes

This kind of Aunty loves to blame your extra growth in any way possible. “Creams lagati ho na? Shaving to nae shuru kerdi? Kisi dost ne to koi totka nae batadia?” And you want to reply in a befitting manner, but Innalah Ma As Sabireen…

7. Waxing. Her Jagah Ki Waxing!


Source: Oba Oba

Just arms? Beta ab zamana badal gaya hai, Facebook nae chalaten?

Parlor Aunty – 1, Me – 0

8.When You Realize That There Is A ‘Phupho’ Inside Her


Source: Indiatimes.com

During the whole process, she keeps asking everything about you! Job, salary, rishte, khaandan wale etc and then have the audacity to give criticism like Dr. Shahid Masood! Wah Aunty!

9. Haircut? Lao Beta Mein Hair Treatment Bhi Kerdeti Hun. Ab Ai Ho To Kerwa hi lo…


Source: The Quint

Oil laga hai? No problem. Shampoo nae kiya hoa? No issues. Parlor Aunties have the solution for every problem!

10. When She Demands “Extra 100 Rupees” For Extra Hair!!!


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Whether it’s your hair on the head or on your arms and face, “extra charges lage gen beta!”

11. Apni Friends Ko Bhi Lao Kabhi Milwane


Source: Tumblr

The typical excuse of every Parlor Aunty for getting more customers! Wah Aunty, Wah!

12. When You Have To Bother With The List Of Her ‘Mufeed Mashware’


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She turns into Apa Zubaida when you by mistake ask about a shampoo or oil for thin hair!

But instead of facing all these situations, we always go back to them!

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