Optimism Is All We Need! – Fizza Abbas

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In this world, where pessimism has daunted everyone, there is an utmost need of optimism. In order to brim the world with optimism, we just have to alter our mind-set to an extent where it start adapting to the changes. We just have to play with our thoughts in a shrewd way. We just have to calm our inner demons by believing that ‘All is well.’

We just have to oppose the nefarious moves of life with a force of compassion. We have to let our life know that our activated energies can counter its all blitz. We have to let our heart sanguine with joy and dance with courage. We have to let our mind co-ordinate with our heart completely to lower down the urges of a wicked amygdala. We have to let our hands shine, being an epitome of brilliance and vitality. We have to strive hard to change the composition of our body to wipe out the swaggers of our pain. We have to whisper the songs of plentiful delight. We have to let ourselves create an influence on the forces of nature so that cool breezes can add sensational pleasures to our prairie. We have to allow springs to serve the autumns so their inferiority complex can be reduced. We have to persuade the summers to envy winters so they can at least learn the art of kindness. We have to let verdant attribute all its efficacy to deserts to know their worth.

As a gesture of appreciation, let’s kiss the nebulae, let it shower blithe and kindness upon us. Scintillas of aurora are narrating a new tale; lets help them complete their narration.

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