11 Things That Prove It is Awesome To Be Bihari

I am a Bihari and believe me, I am damn gratified to be one.This piece is a modest attempt to cut apart some inadequate generalizations about the Biharis. Literally, even those who never faced a single Bihari consider them to be a law rollers, narrow-minded, and ill-bred. Ironically Biharis are educated, intelligent, great decision makers and intriguing keen observers.

1. Biharis are always prepared with jugaads and to answer all your dilemmas.

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2. Biharis solve all the math calculations which you can’t within no time. For them, Einstein is mamu ka beta.

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3. Your Bihari friend will feed you authentic mouth-watering Bihari khaana which tastes simply awe-inspiring.


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4. Biharis will keep you up to date with all the happenings around the world whether is it political or socio-economical.

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5. Biharis are blessed with Chutan Mamu, Munii Khala , Shakoor Chachu and Bittan Taya Sahab.


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6. Your Bihari friend has relations in practically every profession you can guess. A capable friend indeed.


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7. Even their cursing is sugary, ‘Kuttar Baaccha’ (Son of a Dog)


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8. A Bihari always identifies how to handle a tricky situations.


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9. You can perform all varieties of banter on your Bihari friend, he/she will merely exaggerate.


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10. You’ll discover many traditional customs and manners in your their houses. Bihari’s famous punch line ‘Baday Hain App K Tameez Se’.


11. In Bihari families, you’ll never run out of spices,achaars, chutnies and stuffed biharis meat dishes.


Source: Giphy

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