7 Things Pakistani People Do To Appear Cool

We’ve become the very embodiment of neo-colonialism; anything and everything that comes from the West, we’re quick and eager to accept and adopt, and what’s our own we despise and look down upon.

Here’s a list of things that Pakistani people do to appear ‘cool’;

1. Speak in an accent

Absolute favorite thing to do. Accent=Educated=Foreigner=OMG

So we try our level best to pronounce everything in an American or British dialect, convinced that it will help impress people, land us jobs, and also help us find a girlfriend/boyfriend.


Like TOTAllyyy.

Source: tumblr.com

2. Get expensive gadgets and brag about it

Latest iPhone? Latest DSLR? Latest car model? You name it, they have it. They will tell you elaborate stories about their gadgets and quote to you the exact price.

ainy jaffri

Look at my car, you peasants!

Source: tumblr.com

3. “Oh, yeh to menay USA say khareeda tha!”

Made in USA ≠ Branded. Okay?

amna shaikh

Nothing less than an Oscar.

Source: tumblr.com


4. Pretend to listen to “angrezi” songs because Bollywood? Ew!

shahrukh khan

I’m dancing with you but I’m judging you for choosing a Bollywood song.

Source: tumblr.com

5. Take pictures and upload them with the “Candid” caption


Source: tumblr.com

6. Pretend to not like desi food

And when mom makes bhindi:

ahsan khan

Source: tumblr.com

7. Speak ill of Pakistan

Saying things like “Pakistan ka toh kuch nai hosakta” to show how you’re all praises about foreign countries and too “cool” for Pakistan.


Pakistan? It’s so bad I have no words.

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