10 Ways Girls can be Productive While Sitting at Home

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Pakistan’s population comprises of 55% female population. And it is indisputably true that females are more hardworking of the two gender but most of them don’t work; either because of family burden or restrictions about outdoor work. But if you still want to then here’s a list of opportunities that you girls can make most of while staying at home. You can do most of these jobs at any time of the day, so they wouldn’t interfere with your housework and help you financially at the same time. Bingo!

P.S: Boys, you can also avail almost all of these opportunities!

Provide Tuition

Source: tracks.unhcr.org

If you are living under a rock and don’t know  how profitable and successful tuition has become in the recent years then trust me; it could provide you loads of money plus a teaching experience that could help you get a job in future (if you want to). It can bring you enough revenue to be self-sufficient and also help out your parents or your in-laws in financial matters. Plus it will make them respect you because unfortunately in our society only those who earn are truly respected.

Review Beauty Products


Source: tribune.com.pk

If you have a fetish for make-up products or hair accessories then this is the thing for you. You can review these products and if people buy them after being convinced by your reviews then the company will pay you. It will require a basic English knowledge only. Nothing complicated. But you will have to make your review unique, so be creative. If you have a blog then it’s even better. You can access sites like linkblog.com to get paid for reviews.

Affiliate Programs


Source: www.digitalagrupa.lv

There are tons of affiliate programs. They don’t pay much but it’s something to start with. One such example is Daraz.pk. You get 11% commission if people buy their products through you. Having a Blog or a webpage is not necessary; you can convince people through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Sell Homemade Stuff


Source: www.globalgiving.org

You have a skill? Flaunt it to the world. Can you make hand stitched products, jewelry, cloth designs or anything else that people might be interested in buying? Then make these things at home and sell them online. You wouldn’t need much of technical skills for this; just make a Facebook or Instagram account, upload your art and sell it. Promotions and Sales usually start with close friends and family members and if you are perseverant enough you would surely be successful one day.


Source: Ilex Content

Source: Ilex Content

You can start your own blog or website and over time earn a lot from it just by incorporating ads from Adsense, Infolinks etc. Write about something that you have a good grasp of (beauty tips, hair products, history, how-to lists etc.). Promote your blog and when it develops a good traffic, you will earn a lot by ads.

Online Teaching


Source: www.friendsmania.net

As I mentioned earlier, teaching is an excellent job these days; maybe because students are less intelligent or studies have become so strenuous and demanding or maybe both. Whatever the reason, you can take advantage of it. Choose a subject that you have an excellent command on and teach it online. You can make lecture videos and then post it on Youtube. You could earn by putting ads on your video. Make your lectures unique so that people would listen to them from among the thousand others. You can add different techniques to make things appear simpler to your audience; use models to explain concepts, make it a little funny, or tell mnemonics to remember things. On a much-advanced level, you can teach at Skillshare or Udemy also.

Data Entry Jobs


Source: blogs.worldbank.org

These are fairly common in Pakistan. Search for a data entry job that suits your needs and qualification and get on with it. P.S: It is usually required by you to submit some money to do these jobs but you can easily earn this money back with profit! Beware of frauds.

Article and Academic Writing Projects


Source: www.kristinastoeckl.eu

There are numerous sites that pay you for writing articles and academic assignment for students. It requires a good grasp of English and the concerned subject. If you deliver good assignments on time, it will help build your portfolio and bring more jobs your way.

Graphic Designing/ IT Expertise


Source: www.technewscentral.co.uk 1

If you are an IT expert or you have a graphic designing degree then the jobs are unlimited for you. You can get freelance jobs at upwork.com (previously called up desk), elance.com or create your own business sitting at home.

Be Your Family’s Counselor and Communicator


Source: reviewit.pk

Even though it is not monetarily productive, it is greatly appreciated in every household. Every family needs a counselor who listens to everyone’s moaning and whining and quite frankly, childish complaints and problems. Be that person for your family. Listen to your siblings and your parent’s problems and direct them towards a solution. They will love you for it even if they don’t say it often!

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