Zainab’s Father, Amin Ansari Has Been Appointed As The Focal Person For Child Abuse In Kasur!

Zainab's Father Child Protection Bureau

Pakistan has been suffering from the worst kind of moral crisis where minors as young as 3 years old are sexually abused, tortured and killed. These cases became rampant in Kasur city of Punjab and 7-year-old Zainab’s case really brought the prevailing issue to the main spotlight.

Child Abuse in Pakistan

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Unfortunately, the police’s incompetence caught up to them as they haven’t been able to catch the culprits of not just Zainab but of so many children that went missing afterward. It’s an epidemic that has taken the entire country in its grip. However, the majority of the child-abuse cases have emerged from Punjab alone.

The news sites are full of so many stories involving horrific torture and abuse of children, both boys, and girls. Recently, some great schemes to battle this cancer were taken by the incumbent government.

Child Protection Welfare and Bureau take measures to prevent further child abuse.

CPWB has planned on setting up child protection committees on the Union Council level. It will begin from the most affected city of Punjab, Kasur. Chairperson of Child protection bureau, Sarah Ahmed informed that on the directions on chief minister of  Punjab Pakistan a child protection office has been created in Kasur.

Child Protection In Pakistan

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She also appraised the media about province-wide campaigns that will be held, responsible for spreading awareness among the people of Punjab. It will target the parents, teaching them that in case a situation involving child-kidnapping or anything similar arises, they should immediately contact that center on its helpline. The campaign will also raise awareness among the children, teaching them to identify threatening situations that can harm them in any way.

Sara Ahmed also announces that Zainab’s father is appointed as the focal person for child abuse in Kasur.

The steps taken towards child-abuse prevention are commendable and Zainab’s father Amin Ansari is a great choice of candidate. We need honest, dedicated and headstrong individuals to battle such heinous crimes destroying the lives of young children and their families. Amin Sahab after losing her own child to abuse, rape, and torture can understand the pain of every parent in his position and perform his duties with utmost dedication.

Some thrilled at the news, some show doubt!

Indeed! No one can understand better than Mr. Amin Ansari.

Some are questioning the practicality of this decision and how will this pan out considering Zainab’s father lacks experience.

Another points out that he might be biased due to his suffering and might perceive future cases with one direction only.

Point well made. He will most definitely never be corrupted as a father who has lost his own daughter to an unspeakable crime.

Child rape, abuse, and murder is a sensitive matter and should be taken into great account. Finally the much-needed measures have been taken by the PTI government and hopefully, this will yield great progressive results.

Still, the law of Pakistan stands weak, which is exploited by the culprits as they know they will not be tracked down. There is a dire need to make an example out of a child-abuser, publicly; to instill fear in these low scums that do not even spare young children.

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