PM Imran Khan Takes Action Against Kasur Police After Remains Of Three Boys Were Discovered!

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The child-abuse epidemic has gone too far in Pakistan taking the lives of countless innocent minor children. They are abducted and subjected to gross sexual violence before they are brutally murdered. Kasur city in Punjab has become the hub of these vices, where so many children have reportedly vanished never to return home back in their parents’ arms.

After Zainab’s murder, another case has emerged from Kasur that led to heavy protests outside the police station as the police of this city has been unable to catch a single culprit linked to abductions, rape, and torture of minors. There is a clear pattern clearly pointing towards a group that has been operational in this city for a long time, ruining the lives of so many families.

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Brutally raped, killed and buried underground; remains of three out of four children who went missing, retrieved.

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The discovery led to a large protest outside the police station. The gates were pelted with stones and demands to find the culprits was made by the distraught people of the Chunian locality.

Prime Minister Imran Khan takes notice of the horrific incident and announces corrective measures over Twitter.

Imran Khan didn’t sit idle over the incompetence of Kasur police and immediately tweeted warning every official that will not work in the favor of the Pakistani citizens. He tweeted, “On the Kasur incident: There will be accountability for all. Those who do not perform in the interest of the common man will be taken to task.”

He then listed down 5 points explaining the actions that have been taken against the Punjab police in Kasur.

1) DPO Kasur being removed.

2) SP investigation Kasur surrendered, charge-sheeted and being proceeded against.

3) DSP and SHO suspended.

4) Major overhaul in Kasur local police on the cards.

5) Formal probe ordered under Addl IG.

The ‘overhaul’ of the entire police institution of this country is needed, not just in Kasur police and it shouldn’t be on the cards. Hopefully, Imran Khan will take Punjab police to the cleaners and set strict accountability standards.

Dr. Shahid Masood highlighted and exposed the link of these child-abuse cases in Pakistan to dark web porn.

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The deep dark web, in a nutshell, comprises of extremely disturbing content in the form of videos that are watched by people that can easily be described as psychos. Child pornography is another famous content that is watched excessively. However, Dr. Shahid clarifies that these cases are indeed linked to child porn dark web and it is violent pornography as they kill the child victim in the end after subjecting it to unimaginable sexual violence.

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Huge profits are made off of these gross videos in the form of crypto money. These videos are sold at high prices and there is an entire network working in Pakistan catering to this dark web business by kidnapping children and abusing them to death. Zainab’s case is potentially connected to deep dark web child pornography.

Shahid Masood describing the power this network holds says that if Imran Khan went out after them, he will potentially lose his government. Since they hold international power.

This is extremely alarming and should be converted into a complete mission thoroughly planned to crack down this network operating in Kasur Pakistan. Currently, a number of suspects have been taken into custody. However, the investigation is underway. Hopefully, the case will progress and there will be a stop to child-abuse incidents.

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