Here’s your Foolproof Guide to Travel all across Pakistan in a Ridiculously Minimum Budget!

While many people in Pakistan do not go on trips for a major reason is that they find traveling alone to be very costly. Most of the trips get canceled because the overall budget goes out of the way only because of ever-changing rates of transports everywhere in Pakistan. Here we have compiled a list of cheapest rates and comfortable rides in all around Pakistan.

We found this genius guy named Agam Saran on the internet who did tons of research and made excel sheets to make things and of course, traveling super easy for us! Can you believe it?!  


To compute cost, he obtained a fare table for each mode of transport, calculated the distance between departure and destination locations, and mapped the distances and fares into an equation that best describes the fare table. In the case of ride-sourcing services, the equations were obtained directly from official websites. Comfortability is calculated with a figure from 0 to 10 with these factors in mind: Congestion, space, seating, jerking, boarding, wait, punctuality, speed and services.

Cool, isn’t it?

Let’s get to the point. Here we have mentioned the inter and intra-city transports. Inter-city transit travel includes airplanes, trains, buses, vans, Rent-a-Cars and branded buses and vans like Daewoo and Faisal Movers.

Intra-city encompasses buses, coasters, vans, pick-ups, Qing-qis, tangas, taxis, rickshaws, cars, bikes, bicycles and ride-sourcing services like Uber and Careem.






Another thing you should take into account is that fares for ride-sourcing services vary wildly from location to location. A traveler in Faisalabad pays 2.5 times as much for Careem Business as the one in Lahore!


Now to find the “cheapest, yet most comfortable” conveyance. For that, he devised the following equation:

Rating=(Cost WeightCostLargest CostCost Weight)+(Comfort10Comfort Weight)

Conclusion is… 

There you have it. The most cost-effective and comfortable options are owing a Car or a Bike followed by Ride-sourced RickshawsDaewoo City BusMetro Bus and Ride-sourced Cars. For inter-city travel, you should better stick to Trains and Branded Buses.

Let’s recalculate everything from above at varying distances, and plot the overall rank.

You can take a lot of info from here, but for starters, bicycle and feet are most cheap and comfortable at short distances. All the credit for calculation and math goes to Agam Saran. Kudos Boy!!

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