People Are Reacting to the Way Politicians are ‘Poorly’ Handling the Rape of 7-Year-Old Zainab

The Pakistani media and social media have been going on and about regarding the grave matter of how a 7-year-old girl Zainab was kidnapped, raped and killed in Kasur. CCTV footage and pictures of the alleged man behind these heinous crimes are also going viral.

The entire Pakistani masses have come together, begging the politicians in power to take serious actions regarding the matter.

Citizens in Kasur Have Started Protesting and Have Vowed Not to Stop Till the Culprits are Arrested

Every Pakistani is Talking About How The Government Needs to Make an Example of this Grave Incident

Now That Politicians Have Finally Spoken, Masses Are Not Happy They Way The Powerful Figures Are Handling the Situation

Daughter of former Prime Minister and the member of the political party in charge Maryam Nawaz made the following tweet:

Her “hope and pray” would mean nothing if the party or even herself fail to take any actions!

People Were Furious on How Maryam Nawaz Spoke on the Horrible Incident, Without Recognizing her Power!


On the Other Hand, Shehbaz Sharif Also Shared his Concerns and Made Some Notable Promises but People Felt they Were Just Words and No Actions!

Pakistanis Reminded him How his Words Mean Nothing as Previous Records Show how Culprits Ran Away!

Yes, We Do!

The Need Solution


These Facts Speak

Hope the politicians show us that they have a heart and it aches the way ours because seeing this hurts – it kills us to even think about the pain Zainab’s parents would be going through, hearing the news of discovering the body of their daughter from the trash after raped and killed.

This must not be taken lightly!

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