This 5-Month-Old Is The Youngest To Recover From Coronavirus In Pakistan

youngest covid-19 recover

A 5-month-old baby girl, hailing from Gilgit Baltistan, has become the youngest patient to fully recover from the novel coronavirus. According to the latest reports, the child developed earlier symptoms of the virus which lead to the conclusion that her mother was also infected.

As of now, the coronavirus pandemic has caused catastrophic mayhem at a global level. Wreaking desolation, the virus is said to have infected more than 4,000 people, moreover, causing 66 unfortunate deaths.

Isolation and recovery

Following, the test results, health officials relocated the duo to the isolation center. Both of them spent nearly two weeks, separate from each other, during the quarantine. Lately, doctors tested the baby girl for the virus, to which the results came out as negative. Nonetheless, the hospital discharged them for recovery at home.

A month back, the coronavirus had infected a newborn in China. The infant turned out positive just 30 hours after birth, being the youngest one worldwide. At this time, the baby is under observation and is in a stable condition.

The COVID-19 contagion

Virology experts say the novel coronavirus fractionates into four sub-groups of alpha, beta, gamma, and delta.  Precisely, the gamma and delta sub-group infects birds, while the alpha and beta sub-group makes its way through mammals.

For coronavirus to infect you, it requires a whole genome, and not just one particle. When supposedly virus particle enters your body, it’s spike-like protrusions attach to host cells. With that, the virus injects it’s RNA strip into the cell’s nucleus. From there, the virus hijacks the replication machinery, to replicate itself.

youngest covid-19 recover

Image: Business Insider

Owing to the number of cases recorded, it is said that the severity of the virus depends on certain factors. One is what part of the body the virus tends to latch onto. The severe ones cause symptoms like a common cold, shortness of breath, by attaching to cells in the respiratory tract, in the lungs and bronchial tubes.

COVID-19 vaccine?

At this time, there is no proper vaccine or drug for the deadly virus. Subsequently, 35 well-reputed companies and medical institutions worldwide are competing against time. Nevertheless, the United States has started testing the vaccine on subjects to cure coronavirus.

youngest covid-19 recover

Image: China Daily

Dividing clinical trials into three phases, the first one involves applying the vaccine to a few healthy volunteers. The test subjects are later monitored for any adverse side effects. The second phase implies making the vaccine effective for, what we call a small part of the world, infected with the virus. The third does the same, involving many parts of the world.

Above all, there is a possibility that the yet-to develop vaccine will be required in extensive quantities. This might render the vaccine production, 6-8 months back.


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