This Woman Shares her Account on Qutab Rind Case And It Is Heartbreaking

This Woman Shares her Account on Qutab Rind Case And It Is Heartbreaking

The story of Qutab Rind broke everyone’s heart but justice still hasn’t been served. The young boy hailing from Balochistan, aspiring to be an artist was killed over 120rs…just 120rs.

The killers used the blasphemy card to get away with the crimes. They never said what they meant by blasphemy – what did Qutab do that made them throw him down the stairs. Upon investigation, however, it was informed that Qutab was killed because the landlords wanted the rent payment in advance. The landlord and his brothers were drug addicts and wanted to make ends meet for their addiction. The police confirmed that they wanted money for this purpose, and Qutab didn’t comply.

They eventually killed him.

Farzeen Shahzad Shares Another Side of the Story In the Qutab Rind Case

It was 120 rs after which they killed Qutab.

I even dont know where to start…

A famous young Artist Qutub Rind from Sindh was killed in Lahore. In a recently surfaced confession video of his murderer, he says he killed him for 120 rupees as he wanted to buy Papars with Bhang (an intoxicant). Though the whole video seems so cosy and calm that it makes it more cruel and difficult to watch. He did change his statement from asking for money to rent and also Qutub falling down by himself to him throwing Qutub down from thethree story building. Initially we knew it was done because of rent dispute but killers fabricated blasphemy allegations to justify the murder and killer brought two other people to torture and kill Qutub. But yeah the pain and misery of an artist, being tortured, throwing from a building with broke his legs and arms is enough to wake up any dead conscious human being in the land of pure…..
And this gives me serious shiver….

Qutub was from a very struggling background and its just not the death of an artist but of a fine human being who deserved to be happy and live most importantly…
Lets say the the murderer of Qutub Rind arent resourceful and no PML N or PTI comes to the rescue of criminals and pressure the victim’s family so what, there will be another death of someone who should have lived for the survival of this society, in next few moths.
Maa, Baap esliya apni uladoon ko nahi paltay kay kahin bomb blast main marjain, agencies walay utha jain yah apnay he musalmanoo kay hathoon qatal ho jain…
Qutub was the student of National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore, a position holder…
and its been a moth even… and there is no voice or protest or even a recognition of a human being being killed… are we all gonna die like this in this country…
A police report registered at Sandaa Police Station, Lahore, 34/302 741/2018.

Update: I just spoke to Qutub’s uncle. He confirmed that Killers fabricated blasphemy allegations to justify murder whereas dispute started due to rent. He also stated that he filed application against 3 accused in his but Police only registered case against 2 and protecting 3rd person. Via Jibran Nasir…

What happened with Qutab is indeed a heartbreaking news. Let’s pray justice gets served.

Rest in peace, Qutab.

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