What Bollywood Stars Would Look Like In 2035!

Some of the best looking actors on this planet, and fans are crazy about their look. But like they say, time waits for no one and even our favorite stars will grow old one day. However, they will look young for a longer time than any normal person, thanks to their healthy lifestyle and daily work out regime. But it isn’t that hard to figure out that how these stars will look in their old age.

 1. Saif Ali Khan 3337_yjh47

 2. Priyanka Chopra3335_uyg

 3. Arjun Rampal3331_okhhhh

 4. Kareena Kapoor Khan3329_kuh

 5. Shahrukh Khan3327_kjn

 6. Sonam Kapoor3326_kjh

 7. Salman Khan3325_khgk

 8. Anushka Sharma3325_khg

 9. Katrina Kaif3324_jgk

 10. Ranveer Singh3323_jbvbnjn_

 11. Akshay Kumar3323_itg

 12. Kangna3322_hgg

 13. John Abraham3321_897y97p

 14. Farhan Akhtar3321_45hg

 15. Aishwarya Rai3317_igh98

Source: allwhoop.com 

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