Umair Jaswal Reflects On Different Cities Of Sindh And Their Heritage With Easypaisa Raahi

Umair Jaswal Easypaisa Raahi

Sindh – what comes to your mind when you hear this name? Is it history? Is it culture? Is it heritage? Or is the plight of millions of poor people at the behest of the privileged class? Whatever it is, it cannot be anywhere near what Umair Jaswal has experienced with Easypaisa Raahi.

On his BMW bike, trotting across Pakistan, through Easypaisa Raahi’s revamping of tourism in Pakistan, Umair Jaswal reveals lesser-known facts and realities about Sindh while visiting the province.

Episode 4 of Easypaisa Raahi is a remarkable journey of revelation, reflection, adaptation, and most of all, education. The new episode picks up pace and delves in the heritage and culture of Sindh in a way that has not been done before. Easypaisa Raahi paints a unique picture of the province and all that it has to offer.

The episode opens with Umair Jaswal revealing historical facts about the Eocene age and how the name Sindh came along.  The introduction is unique ad sets the stage for the rest of the episode on the history, heritage and formation of the topography.

Details about the Indus River, its origin, how it flows from the Himalayas to Sukkur, accompanied by brilliant drone shots, makes Easypaisa Raahi an experience, not just a show. Jaswal trots on his BMW bike across the Indus River, telling how what we’ve learned in schools or books, doesn’t always have to be identical to reality. It’s the experience that shows the genuine heritage of a place.

On Day 14 of his Easypaisa Raahi journey, Umair Jaswal reached Mohen-Jo-Daro, which roughly translates to ‘Mound of the Dead’. One of the oldest civilizations of the world, that vanished off the face of the earth. Jaswal reveals unknown details of what Mohen-Jo-Daro was all about.

Educating the audience about the Harappa civilization, Jaswal tells of how to date, nobody has been able to decipher the language of the Indus Civilization.

“It’s best to keep the mystery around the ancient city, as ambiguous, as it actually is,” – Umair Jaswal on Mohen-Jo-Daro. 

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From Mohen-Jo-Daro to Bhit Shah, the tour continues as Jaswal rolls on. Showcasing the mystique Sufi element of the province, Jaswal visited Bhit Shah to showcase how locals are overcoming everything through religious harmony. From Sufi shrines to Hindu temples, everyone lives together, alike, sharing their happiness and their worries.

Once Umair reached Nangarparkar, he was astonished as to how the people live here. The multiculturality, the plurality, and the heartwarming way they lived together, left our host speechless. The best part of the show? Umair Jaswal’s ‘nanha munha’ tour guide, who for Rs. 100, took Umair to the nooks and corners that deserved recognition.

A glorious past, stories, heritage – but does the past really matter? When the present is nothing like it. Midway through the show, the harsh reality of Sindh’s condition starts to outshine its glory. Lake Manchar, surrounded by toxic wastewater, has hurt the livelihood of local fishermen.

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In Thar, after a 6-year drought, Umair was shocked to see how the people are still managing to survive on the bare minimum. Educating the masses about how the drought has hurt the people of Thar, and Sindh, in general, will bring tears to your eyes. This journey of exploring Sindh, turns to self-reflection, on how we’ve left behind our past glory.

Furthermore, the episode also features Umair Jaswal’s journey and exploration of Hyderabad, Keenjhar Lake, and other unknown areas that every Pakistani MUST watch. So, if you want to join Umair Jaswal on his journey of Sindh, just click on the link below! Episode 4 is a must watch for anyone who is interested in getting insight on Sindh that is off the usual beaten track.

Watch Umair Jaswal explore Sindh, its culture, heritage and potential in Episode 4

If you haven’t come across Easypaisa Raahi’s first three episodes, well, you’re missing out on something extraordinary. More than just a show, Easypaisa Raahi’s journey with Umair Jaswal is an experience. An experience, that would leave you wanting more.

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