Did Rhea Chakraborty Drug Sushant? WhatsApp Chat Exposes Her Links With ‘Drug Dealers’

Rhea Chakraborty drug Sushant

Ironic and melancholic as it may be but the untimely demise of rising star Sushant Singh Rajput left a hollowness and series of unanswered questions in its wake. As police ruled out the notion of Rajput being killed. The shreds of evidence denied all the claims put forward by the police. The plot kept on thickening and fans kept tabs on each and every aspect to find the actual truth. Moreover, Rhea Chakraborty has been rumored to drug Sushant when they were together.

Rhea Chakraborty’s WhatsApp chat exposes grave truth!

In the web of controversies and theories, the most prominent name of Rhea Chakraborty kept on lingering here and then. While K.K. Singh filed a case against Chakraborty who was his only son’s girlfriend, we wondered could this case actually be more than a severe depression patient ending his life? Our suspicion turned even more concrete when Chakraborty’s WhatsApp chat was retrieved.

Indian newspaper, Times Now reported that the actress seemed to have ties with drug peddlers and dealers. A conversation suggested with a drug peddler named ‘Gaurav’, where Chakraborty was asking for ‘MDMA’ and ‘hard drugs’. In addition, the chats also expose someone telling her to add four drops of the same in Rajput’s tea and let him sip it.

sushant singh rajput rhea chakraborty drug

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Simultaneously, another conversation of Chakraborty with a contact saved as ‘Miranda Sushi’ discusses the whereabouts of where to find the drug. Apparently, it seems the entire Chakraborty family might be involved in having drug connections.

“Hi Rhea, the stuff is almost over.” Miranda then questions Rhea “Should we take it from Showik’s friend? But he has just hash and bud.”

In another chat she had written, “Do you have MD?”

Bollywood mafia, drugs, what’s next?

Hence, these chats are evidence enough to prove that Chakraborty was involved in serious drug-dealing; there is no doubt she might have given them to Rajput too. To gather more proof and pieces of evidence Narcotics Control Bureau has also stepped into the matter. The CBI team is also likely to summon the actress; along with Rajput’s friend Sandip Singh for further interrogation soon.

sushant singh rajput rhea chakraborty drug

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Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging in his home on 14th June 2020. Although the news hit that the rising 34-year-old star took his own life; things were not adding up. Hence, to make matters more concrete his family requested CBI to look into the matter.

However, while the CBI is still connecting dots; the untimely demise of Rajput has given birth to an uproar throughout the world against nepotism in the Bollywood industry.

In the end, we hope that CBI gets to the bottom of this mystery real soon and Rajput gets the justice he truly deserves. In addition, rumors suggest that a biopic on Sushant Singh is in the works. As of now, we wonder will that be a wise decision or just another money-grabbing opportunity?

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