Transport Mafia Is Increasing Fares Illegally And Pakistani Awaam Is Suffering Because Of The Atrocity!

transport mafia

The transport mafia has increased bus fares from 50% to 100%. This means that the commuters would have to pay a higher price for every ride. This applies to public transport services as well as online sites where you book rides. The current decision has many Pakistanis on edge because it is sudden and extremely damaging.



Considering that, the people that utilize the public buses are usually those that cannot afford their own transportation or an Uber. Hence, this increase is seriously injurious to the country. Moreover, it has the potential to create an uproar, as people will not be willing to spend twice as more money on their transportation.

This Is Not A Unique Case – The Transport Mafia’s Rip Off In Karachi:

Now, within the new fare structure, for coaches, the maximum fare for each passenger seems to be about Rs.50; it has increased by Rs.20. The mini-buses are apparently charging Rs.15 extra. The shocking part of it is all is that when the passenger asked the conductors to give proof regarding the extra fare, they denied it by throwing them out of the bus. The transport mafia in Karachi is making sure to benefit from the sudden increase, as much as possible. Whether action would be taken against it or not is still a concern.

transport mafia


It is for sure that Pakistan is in the list of countries with the highest percentage of poverty, which results in various issues including the most prevalent child labor. Yet, the expenses to function within it are becoming expensive by the day. Not to mention, various other coaches and mini-buses are taking advantage of the issue to develop fake fare lists. Ultimately, they are looting the public because the government is not raising its voice against the issue yet.



The bus commuters have mentioned their concern and annoyance regarding the issue. However, the Sindh government has still not shown any signs of constructing a solution for the continuous crisis. Many people from rural or lower regions tend to commute through buses. This means that half of the passengers are low-income individuals. This action will lead to further complications, and the fact that people have to wait for justice is pretty troubling.

In the midst of 2018, another case regarding the transport mafia was highlighted. However, this is just one of the incident that caught the light, many such go undocumented.

People had been charged extra money for confirming their ticket. According to one of the citizens who had to go through the entire problem, “Though it is mandatory, most ticket clerks are demanding additional fare on the pretext of ‘Eidi’, which is not justified by any standard. It is the incompetence and negligence of the government and transport regulator responsible to ensure fair fare,”

Even though, this is just another day for the transport mafia. The citizens are hoping that action will be taken.



What do you think of the situation? Do you think that such problems possess a solution? Is the transport mafia going to stop its rip off from the citizens? Share your thoughts.


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