Cristiano Ronaldo And Gonzalo Higuain Just Did The Sprint Challenge|

Cristiano Ronaldo And Gonzalo Higuain Just Did The Sprint Challenge!

cristiano ronaldo and gonzalo higuain

A video of Gonzalo Higuain and Cristiano Ronaldo training is going viral! And there is a great reason for it. The players were participating in a training session where the difference between Higuain and Ronaldo seemed clear. Moreover, social media appears to be super excited after witnessing the impressive skill set demonstrated by the Portuguese star.



Cristiano Ronaldo VS Gonzalo Higuain – Social Media Reacts:

People have been comparing both of the players while coming to the conclusion that Ronaldo is still standing strong. Despite, his previous losses or controversies, the star wishes to make the most out of the sport. His legacy carved the history of football for it to become what it is today.

Cristiano Ronaldo And Gonzalo Higuain

Source: Bloomberg

Multiple videos were uploaded on Twitter regarding the Cristiano Ronaldo vs Gonzalo Higuain session, where people were overall surprised to see his excellent skills. One such tweet said, “The difference in intensity between Gonzalo Higuaín and Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus training is staggering”

The Argentinian striker then mentioned the next level abilities of Ronaldo by saying, “I’ve trained great players over the years, but with Ronaldo I move on to the next level, a player who is at the top of the world,” to further add, “This is a lad with every record in world football and I’d like to help him set another, knowing I contributed to it.

When asked about training in general, he said, “I trained a player with the all-time Serie A record for goals in a single season” and elaborated, “I’d like to make that two. It’d be an enormous satisfaction.”



Even though the sprint test was just another training video, as usual, it caught a lot of attention. This is because the mobility, precision, and speed shown by Ronaldo, is unmatchable. A decent number of football fans showered the player with compliments after witnessing his qualities. However, a lot of them have also been trolling him as well as Higuain.

This user believes that both of the players weren’t too special, “Not sure that’s intensity or just ability. Higuain was never explosive. And he looks the size of me ffs. Ps. I’m fat for anyone that doesn’t know”

It seems that this particular user understands the ins and outs of the sport. His detailed analysis read, “The only difference is the respective intensity in their runs. From the duration of the video, Higuain’s run started at 0:00 and ended at 0:04 while CR7’s run began at 0:08 and ended at 0:12… Both sprints lasted roughly 4 seconds. Ronaldo is faster btw and that’s a no brainer”

Other such reactions say, “You’re nuts… it’s an agility drill, Ronaldo is far more agile and can change direction at a faster speed, Higuain stands up his defender and gets round him. In terms of the drill, both have achieved the end goal. Very different players”

Regardless of these users arguing over whether this was impressive or not, Ronaldo’s fans have been calling him a ‘legend’ or ‘inspiration’ as always.



What do you think of the situation? Do you think that Ronaldo’s capabilities were great? Or was it just against the wrong opponent? Share your thoughts.

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