Top 9 Humayun Saeed Pakistani Drama List

humayun saeed drama list

Want to watch some of the best dramas of the famous actors of Pakistan? Then, watching the drama list of the utmost Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed would be the best decision as it will definitely relieve your boredom and exhaustion.

Humayun Saeed started his acting career in 1995 and made his first TV debut in the drama serial Karooron Ka Aadmi.

Humayun Saeed is one of the most gifted entertainers in the Pakistani media industry. The evergreen entertainer never runs out of various styles and continues to engage fans with blockbuster movies dramas and series.

Humayun Saeed started his acting career in 1995 and made his first TV debut in the drama serial Karooron Ka Aadmi. Currently, Humayun also co-possesses the production house Six Sigma Plus and 7th Sky Entertainment with his better half, Samina Humayun Saeed.

Over the tenure of his roaring acting profession, the ever-talented entertainer Humayun Saeed has shown up in more than 60 drama serials and 12 films. Close by acting, the unbelievable star has delivered numerous TV series like Makan, Manzil, and Sarkar Sahab. For all his diligent effort, the entertainer, actor, and producer have won many honors and accumulated a significant identity.

Without a doubt, Humayun Saeed won his spikes through both the small-screen and big-screen projects that individuals adore.

Here we go with the top 9 Humayun Saeed drama list you must watch.

Top Humayun Saaed Drama List

1. Meri Zaat Zarra E Benishan

Top 9 Humayun Saeed Pakistani Drama List

This story is about an unfairly blamed lady for adultery and her girl from the second marriage, who later tracks down reality with regard to her mom’s past as she, at the end of the day, gets hitched into a similar family.

2. Bin Roye

Top 9 Humayun Saeed Pakistani Drama List

Saba grows up cherishing Irtaza madly and deeply while he spoils and humors her as a dearest companion, friend, or cousin. Afterward, life’s brutal turn breaks Saba’s reality when Irtaza falls in love with her elder sister, Saman, and weds her.

 3. Mere Pas Tum Ho

Top 9 Humayun Saeed Pakistani Drama List

The drama follows the battles of an honest middle-class man when his better half leaves him for money. In this drama, the male hero is the person in question and victimized, and the female lead plays the negative part. Humayun Saeed played the part of a middle-class Danish in this drama and congregated love and attention for his tenable acting and role.

 4. Doraha

Top 9 Humayun Saeed Pakistani Drama List

Doraha is an engaging, emotional drama about some off-base man’s life choices at a moment when he is now weak.

Humayun Saeed assumed the part of Umer in this drama close by Sanam Baloch, who played the personality of Shahla. This series is the ideal example of Humayun Saeed’s fantastic acting abilities and skills.

5. Mehndi

Top 9 Humayun Saeed Pakistani Drama List

The well-known song Mehndi ki Yeh Raat by Jawad Ahmad is from this drama. Mehndi is a story of the battles of various recently married couples and how they make do through everything.

The plot rotates around the lives of four young ladies, each with her marital issues. Humayun Saeed played one of the spouses, Shahzaib, in this drama. Many fans have shared that Humayun Saeed’s personality in this series, to be sure, won upon them.

6. Dil Lagi

The heartfelt serial or drama is a story of incomprehensible love between Mohid and Anmol. The topics of the drama spin around feudal lords and money between which the two darlings battle to meet up.

Humayun Saeed played the lead job of Mohid, the child of a feudal lord, who falls head over heels and loves Anmol, a straightforward young lady played by Mehwish Hayat. The on-screen science between the two big names in this drama won the hearts of many.

7. Kafir

Kafir Drama OST By ARY

Kafir is a story of individuals who tragically accept that they have definitive power. They will not commend Allah for the majority of their life till life cuts them down, and they lament their actions and pride. Here, Humayun Saeed played the part of a villain- Shayan Ali. This drama truly proves that Humayun Saeed can execute a negative role surprisingly well as well.

8. Daam

Daam is a story that plays out the value that Maliha pays to her dearest friend to stop this marriage with her sibling and how that cost turns into a Daam (trap) for every one of them.

9. Ladies Park

The series spins around the lives of four couples and their hardships. Whenever Sonia, Saba, Natasha, and Rubina meet in a park daily, they share each other’s concerns as they go for their evening walk. Aside from recreation, this is the point at which these ladies bare their souls to one another, console one another, and at times even attempt to tackle each other’s concerns by lending some help; this frequently prompts amusingly catastrophic outcomes.

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