Top 10 Signs That You Are A Person With Anxiety

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Are you an anxiety person? Do you worry too much about everything? It’s okay if you are and I understand it because I myself am an anxiety person. Before moving on to the signs and symptoms of such a personality type, I’d like to offer a word of two of comfort to my kind of people.

Hey! It’s okay to worry. It’s okay to love yourself too much to avoid pain and hurt. It’s okay to over think things. It’s okay to be extra cautious and careful. You only get one life (unless of course if you believe in reincarnation) and only smart people are careful enough to evaluate the consequences of their actions. It takes courage to accept responsibility for your actions and watch your steps. Too many people are living a carefree life and it’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to join that crowd.

Top Ten Anxiety Symptoms

Symptom 01

You replay things in your mind over and again and each time you try to find a different interpretation.



Symptom 02

You love yourself too much and you would go lengths just to protect your personal integrity and sanity.



Symptom 03

No matter what the circumstances you just have to believe that things need to be done by a certain code or you’ll end up digging your own grave (God knows how many graves you’ve dug for yourself by now).



Symptom 04

You’re always skeptical about things. You always picture the worst-case scenario for yourself.



Symptom 05

You often have these untimely migraines because your head is exploding from this much over thinking. (your brain never stops)



Symptom 06

You find sanctuary in sleep because that’s the only time when your brain slows down.



Symptom 07

You want the best for everyone around you disregarding whether or not they deserve it. You want to heal the humanity.



Symptom 08

You’re always on the defensive even when you’re not guilty.



Symptom 09

You are forgetful



Symptom 10

You tend to cry or get angry for no apparent reasons



How To Embrace It?

 Before giving you tips on how to control it or remedy it, I think I first need to acquaint you with the concept of embracing your personality type. Life is only as complicated as you make it. Some people chase trouble and are in love with the idea of living on the edge.

While some people like you and I, are all about playing it safe, staying as farther from the edge as we can. And trust me it’s bearable, it’s acceptable. You just need to stop looking at how other people perceive their lives or how they live it. try to accept that this is you, right here, right now. Moreover, believe that you’re special because you only worry when you care. And you care too much which is a rare quality in today’s world. Accept who you are – love yourself, the way you are.

How To Control It?

You can’t change who you are at the core. So you can’t change into this carefree person if that’s not who you truly were, to begin with. But you can certainly control certain aspects of your life once you embrace your anxiety. Try to find people who are different from you and allow yourself a chance to grow. Take calculated risks in life because a little adventure never got anyone killed. But always know your limits. always know how much adventure you can handle and try to be yourself within that adventure.


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