This Video Exposes the Alleged Examiner of Sindh Board of Secondary Education In the Most Alarming Manner

If you have are a student of the government education system, such as intermediate or matriculation, perhaps once in your life you may have witnessed the first-hand experience of the incompetency offered to us by the education system.

Dating back to as long as one can remember, students are often seen protesting on the roads or even choosing the decision of ending their lives due to the poor examining and checking manner offered by the government education systems.

While these stories have a lot of truth in them (always), a video on social media is going viral where the examiner is seen checking the exams without even looking at them.

Your Parents Might Have Told You To, “Dua Karo Jab Paper Check Huraha Ho Tou Examiner Ka Mood Acha Ho“, Right?

Well in this video, you can see part of it being true. According to the post’s caption, the alleged examiner is a shopkeeper in Karachi, who also happens to be examiner of Sindh Board of Secondary Education:

Shopkeepers bhi Board ki Copies check krny lagy. yeh admi Class 9th Sindhi ki board ki copies bina read kiye check kr raha hai or Students ki poory saal ki mehnt kuch hi seconds mai zaya kr raha hai or Board intazamia so rahi hai.. Shame on You.. Is bandy ki Printing ki shop hai Al Safa Market Block 10 Gulistan-e-Johar mai or yeh Board mai Checker bhi hai. 

The examiner just glances at the page, and draws a cross all over it, without even reading the paper.

By Looking At the Video, You Will See What We Are Talking About

Each year, a number of students protest due to the poor checking and unjust which prevails in the system. Sometimes choose to end their lives after putting so much hard work and facing the poor system they are bound to follow. All based on what, this negligence?

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