This Unique Tune Of Our National Anthem Is The Best Thing On YouTube These Days!

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Three days ago, Lenovo Pakistan uploaded a video on their YouTube Channel and named it “Moto Z Anthem“. The anthem was made with the following unique approach, “Experience different is better with exciting sights and sounds of the national anthem.”

In the light of this statement, you might be wondering what makes it so impressive and unique, right?

Actually, they covered many famous landmarks and places of Pakistan; from Sindh to Kashmir, Karachi to Lahore each and everything in this short 1:21 minutes video, and you know what best part of this video is? The new tune of our National Anthem.

Also, not to forget the amazing cinematography, the way they have shown different areas of Pakistan and all in all, the amazing concept behind this whole video.

In the video, they cover up all the cultures of Pakistan. Punjabi, Sindhi, Kashmiri, Pukhtoon or Balochi, they did the very best in showing all of it.

Another amazing thing: Katakat in this video! If you are a Karachiite or even a Lahori, you’ll know how important Katakat is in our lives. And obviously, who would miss out on showing Chai?

So it was all about food. They have also featured Phelwans in this video along with cultural horse dance followed in many regions present in Pakistan. Conclusively, this video shows the different colors of Pakistan in an extremely unique manner. This tune is called Moto Z Anthem!

Concluding the words as their tagline “Different is Better“, this different, unique way to re-tune the old versions. It is literally awesome when you listen to it carefully, especially the ending of video which will give you “goose bumps”. Suggestion: wear headphones while listening to it and listen to it in full volume.
After all, this video is enough to show the positive side of Pakistan. Long Live Pakistan!

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