This Self-Driving Suzuki FX on M1 Is Freaking Out Every Pakistani

People of Pakistan have a very special talent. No, it’s not judging others. Well, that’s one of our specialities for sure but we are particularly gifted with the talent of defying logic. Yup, we tend to associate everything with something paranormal. Ali failed, “beycharay ko nazar lag gai” “kisi ne jaadu kia hua hoga”… matlab, the possiblity of him failing because of not studying hard doesn’t even cross anyone’s mind” because f@#$ logic is the Moto we live by!

Similarly, recently a video was shared on social media showing a self-driving Suzuki FX on the motorway. Watch the video below:

There is clearly no one behind the steering, however an aged man can be seeing chilling in the passenger seat. So comfortable that it makes us doubt if he is best friends with the ghost driver. As seen in the comments sections no one even discussed the possibility of it being a left hand drive or it being a stunt. The clearcut conclusion was that a ghost was driving a car. Well, let’s assume it to be true (even typing that is painful for me by let’s just do that), I want to know how to communicate with them.

I might not have a driving job to offer them, but I can actually ask them to help me with office work. No no I am not kidding, I am serious. Let’s put them to use too. Akhir woh bhi Allah ki makhlooq hain, kissi kaam tou aein! What about you guys, do you believe in ghosts? If yes, would you want them to drive your car on Motorway too?

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